Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silver Falling

Tis the Season for silver & gold and I have some good news to report...both metals seem to be falling (their market prices anyway). Both precious metals (in fact all precious metals) have been climbing to near all time highs of late and it is a bit or a relief that they are starting a downward spiral. We have been holding off on some of our big metal purchases because metals were just too darn expensive, but now we will start getting a few orders in and keep our fingers crossed that the prices will keep dropping. Still at $17.25, silver is still a far cry from the $10.10 it was a year ago. If you have any silver or gold requests, please let us know and we will get your items in asap while the prices are falling. If you are looking to make a large silver or gold purchase, contact Beth and she can get you quotes on large amounts. Here's to glittery, silver & gold holidays again!