Wednesday, November 25, 2009

funniest thing you'll see today!!! A friend just sent me this link and I'm still crying, I was laughing so hard! I just love the muppets (they got me into college, but more on that at another time!)!!!!!

Black Friday to do

Just checked out Lyneen's blog, and Rubber Soul in Poulsbo is having a some really good black friday specials...just go to I am Dreaming of Castles and print the announcement and if you are one of the first thru the door, there will be a goody bag waiting for you! They are also having some store specials on rubber stamps and I'm sure there are lots of goodies that you cannot be without this holiday season! Happy shopping!* Happy Thanksgiving!!! * *(trying to decide which is in the lead right now)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Changes coming for the new year

All is a bit early to be thinking about the new year, but some changes have been made to the Washington State retail rules and we wanted to give everyone a heads up (and some time to do something about it).

Washington State has decided that any person or business that wishes to purchase goods for resale must have a resellers certificate. This is in addition to a UBI # that is also required of businesses doing business in Washington. Seem like a bit of overkill (or maybe just bureaucratic red tape)? They have their reasons, but for now here is the link to their information page. The form to apply for a reseller's certificate is here. There is no cost for a resellers permit.

Since we are a retail shop that also sells wholesale to designers and stores, we are required to have a valid resellers certificate and not just a UBI # for any person or business that wants to buy goods for resale (either as components or as part of a finished piece).

Therefore, as of Jan 1, 2010-any business that wishes to buy items tax exempt for resale (either as is or incorporated into other sellable goods) must bring in a copy of their resellers certificate. UBI #s will not be valid after the first of the year.*

*We apologize for the extra hoop, but we promise to have the best beads & supplies in town at the best prices, so that should help a little.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Lucite is here...

Its the beginning of our 6th Anniversary week, and we couldn't be more excited...not only are we still around (many small, specialty shops have not made it through as I'm sure you are well aware), but we are thriving!
To help celebrate our 6th Anniversary, we are having a vintage Lucite Trunk Show from November 19th through the 22nd. We just got the box this morning and I've had to stop both Leslie and myself from grabbing up a bunch of goodies...we want you to have first pick!
We'll have the show through the weekend, so come in and see the bold, beautiful colors for yourself!
Thanks again for 6 great years...remember to pick up your Treasure Hunt card when you come in for even more anniversary fun!

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Kits ready to go

These new rivet kits debuted at the Mixed Media Market, so now they are ready to share with the world!

Each kit contains a pre-punched brass back, a vintage brass flower, a vintage copper coated steel flower and 2 vintage Swarovski crystal set surrounds with a loose crystal to set in the center. You can choose from a pendant bail, pin back or adjustable ring setting. A flared tube rivet (so you can set the crystal) and instructions for basic tube rivets are also included. These kits are $10.

We have lots of variations that can be used with the basic kit...all sorts of samples are here at the shop and I'll be posting more over the next couple of weeks.

Lucky Day

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Now for most this is touted as an unlucky day, but for me it has been a very lucky one... At the end of October, the West Sound Quilters had their "Quilts from the Cabin" Show. They had some amazing pieces, including a group project crazy quilt that was to be raffled. Like most people, I always buy raffle tickets without any real hope of winning the item...the money supports a good cause, and like any "gambling", just the thought that you might win is a high. Well, I'm flying pretty high, because I won the marvelous quilt pictured above!!! I don't know how many tickets they sold, but I hope it was in the thousands because this quilt is beautiful!!! Many of the squares are hand embroidered, some with appliques, many handmade...I'm really quite speechless. Every time I look at this amazing quilt I see something new. The quilt will live here at the shop for a while, just so I can share it with all of you. Eventually, it will head to my living room where I happen to have a large bare wall that is in desperate need of ornamentation. A huge "THANK YOU" to all the West Sound Quilters' and the many folks who went in for the can visit the quilt anytime you like, just don't get any stays with me!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

its beginning to look alot like xmas

ok, I am not one of those people who like to rush in the holiday season...I like distinct holidays, not this bleeding Halloween into Thanksgiving into Hanukkah into Christmas nonsense. Each holiday has significance, each is unique and each should be its own celebration.
That being said, I own a retail shop...this means that I am already thinking about xmas in June. If I haven't finished my holiday ordering by the end of summer, I am out of luck-no Swarovski snowmen and tree kits, no snowflake pendants or forms, no ornaments to deck the tree-nada. Now this may sound like a trivial thing, but with the economy being what it is, and the retail trend of a third of a business' sales happening in the 4th quarter, having a well stocked and holiday tricked out establishment is kinda crucial.
So, we have tried to make a compromise. You will not see any xmas type decorations until after Halloween (they went up very early in some shops this year). We will put out holiday kits and supplies as they come in, typically the beginning of October. If you are working on your holiday gifts early, let us know...we have all our holiday beading supplies and kits stashed away, but will certainly help your find the supplies you need pre holiday.
So there you have it, distinct holidays with a little bit of overlap for those that are working under the same early deadlines that we face. This has all been a very long winded way of saying...the crystal kits are in and have a safe and sane holiday season!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Thank you to everyone who braved the buckets of rain and visited us at the Mixed Media Market!!!

We had a great time, and learned alot for our next show in March. Everyone has been great about letting us know what they thought of the show and weather not withstanding(since I can't control it anyway), I think the next show will be bigger & better with more vendors, demos and maybe a little less food (we brought enought to feed a few armies!).

Thanks again for everyone's support and encouragement! If you want to know what we're up to, check out our blog at: