Friday, November 13, 2009

Lucky Day

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Now for most this is touted as an unlucky day, but for me it has been a very lucky one... At the end of October, the West Sound Quilters had their "Quilts from the Cabin" Show. They had some amazing pieces, including a group project crazy quilt that was to be raffled. Like most people, I always buy raffle tickets without any real hope of winning the item...the money supports a good cause, and like any "gambling", just the thought that you might win is a high. Well, I'm flying pretty high, because I won the marvelous quilt pictured above!!! I don't know how many tickets they sold, but I hope it was in the thousands because this quilt is beautiful!!! Many of the squares are hand embroidered, some with appliques, many handmade...I'm really quite speechless. Every time I look at this amazing quilt I see something new. The quilt will live here at the shop for a while, just so I can share it with all of you. Eventually, it will head to my living room where I happen to have a large bare wall that is in desperate need of ornamentation. A huge "THANK YOU" to all the West Sound Quilters' and the many folks who went in for the can visit the quilt anytime you like, just don't get any stays with me!


Lyneen said...

Congrats.... I am glad it went to a good home!!! and a home I know!

Catherine said...

Congratulations, Beth! We were so thrilled to hear you won the quilt!