Thursday, November 12, 2009

its beginning to look alot like xmas

ok, I am not one of those people who like to rush in the holiday season...I like distinct holidays, not this bleeding Halloween into Thanksgiving into Hanukkah into Christmas nonsense. Each holiday has significance, each is unique and each should be its own celebration.
That being said, I own a retail shop...this means that I am already thinking about xmas in June. If I haven't finished my holiday ordering by the end of summer, I am out of luck-no Swarovski snowmen and tree kits, no snowflake pendants or forms, no ornaments to deck the tree-nada. Now this may sound like a trivial thing, but with the economy being what it is, and the retail trend of a third of a business' sales happening in the 4th quarter, having a well stocked and holiday tricked out establishment is kinda crucial.
So, we have tried to make a compromise. You will not see any xmas type decorations until after Halloween (they went up very early in some shops this year). We will put out holiday kits and supplies as they come in, typically the beginning of October. If you are working on your holiday gifts early, let us know...we have all our holiday beading supplies and kits stashed away, but will certainly help your find the supplies you need pre holiday.
So there you have it, distinct holidays with a little bit of overlap for those that are working under the same early deadlines that we face. This has all been a very long winded way of saying...the crystal kits are in and have a safe and sane holiday season!

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Catherine said...

Just wanted to say - Love the new look of your Website!