Saturday, February 27, 2010

Special One Day Sale

We never do this because I think one day sales are just t big tease, making hoopla for no reason, but I found some great stuff in Tucson and we decided we'd add our hat into the ring and we're having our first ever one day sale on March 4th, 2010.
And to add to our cleverness, our hook for this sale in 3 for $10. That means you get three strands (we're not telling you of what, that's the surprise) for $ 10 dollars. Yup, 3 for $10. on 3/4/10 (I know, I am just a marketing wizard).
So join us Thursday, and share in the surprise and get your share of the goodies!

Friday, February 26, 2010

beads, beads, beads...and other good stuff!

Wow...and wow again! Tucson was wonderful, exhausting, and beautiful, productive and challenging and pretty much every other adjective I can think of! I am back, and wow, did I get some good things if I do say so myself! We have tons (literally) of new stones, pearls and glass as well as vintage lucite, sterling chain, charms, fibers, displays and so much more...I'm nothing if not a good shopper.

So to celebrate all the good things, we're having our first ever one day sale...3-4-10. On March 4th, come join us for some special buys, 3 strands for $10. Yup, that's 3 for $10 on 3/4/10...clever, I know!

Thanks again for your patience in my absence, and for treating the gang here with kindness...they hate it when I leave them alone, especially when I make them work on inventory when I'm gone, but I have made it up the them...I think I've been forgiven.

See you next Thursday!