Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday deals!

It is that time of year...the time to gather with family and friends and wake up before dawn so you can wait in line in the freezing cold for Black Friday deals. Only they never have enough of what you want, and some jerk tried to cut line and spilled his coffee all down your leg and by the time you make it to the counter to get the fantastic thing that caused all this madness, the unfriendly, untrained clerk tells you that the 2 the store had are gone and they won't be getting more anytime soon so you are just out of luck.

Sound familiar?

Ok, we love getting deals as much as the next guy, but who needs the hassle of 4am doorbusters and flying elbows?!? So, we are doing Black Friday differently...we will be having some pretty amazing deals, don't get me wrong, but we have many, many items on special and I will be amazed if we even come close to running out!
Here's the deal - on Black Friday (otherwise known as the day after Thanksgiving) and on Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday), we will be having a $2. sale. We have pearl, stone and vintage glass strands, stringing wire, tools, accessories, finished jewelry, magazines and a whole bunch of other stuff-JUST $2. each!!!! I know, pretty darn spectacular, huh?

Just buy 10 (or more) of any of the special items and they are just $2. each. I'm guessing its time to stock up...

We'll also have hot cider and cocoa and lots of other store specials-so after you're done wresting some grannie for the last insert must have item here, come by for some real specials that don't run out before you even get in the door! Just our way of saying "thanks". For all you cyber shoppers, we'll also have $2. specials on our artfire site.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 12, 2010

where has the time gone?

It is the middle of November...the middle of November- as in a month and change until the new year-how is that possible? Did I sleep through the summer? Pretty sure I didn't pull a Snow White enchanted sleep kind of thing, but I swear I was just getting back from Tucson like a month ago-not 8 months ago!!!
Ok, enough about how time flies-around here, November means anniversary, and we are celebrating our (drum roll please) 7th Anniversary! Yup, 7 years of bringing some creativity Bremertons' way. And we've decided to celebrate all month (and probably into December as well, because its our shop and we can do what we want!). So to start off the festivities and as a thank you to our loyal, fantastic, creative customers, we are having an in the bag sale. *
What is an in the bag sale, you ask? Well, we have these beautiful, recycled cotton block print tote bags-see the picture? And if you buy a reusable bag, you get 25% off anything you can fit inside-books, magazines, tools, vintage glass, cards, gifts, pearls, stones, get the idea. The sale is happening next week, November 16th thru the 20th...hurry in to get the best selection and the best bags!
We'll be having a different special each week to celebrate our anniversary and as a way to say thank you to all our lovely customers. If you want more deals, sign up for our newsletter and twitter feeds for more information about what is happening in the shop.
*This special sale is only happening next week, November 16th thru the 20th. You must buy an echo artworks reusable tote to participate. All items in the shop are available for the special sale except net and consignment items. In the bag special cannot be combined with other offers or discounts or for workshop tuition or gift certificates.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Told you I was lampworking today

Ok, here are some of the new goodies I've been creating at the torch lately. You can tell winter is coming on because all I want to do is add color, to anything, as often as possible. Lampwork is a great way to do just that-and add some heat to your very cold studio!
I am gearing up for an enameling run as well (any excuse to play with fire!). I'm trying out some new filigree pieces with enamel...will share pics as soon as I see how they survived the tumble and clean.
Check out our website and facebook page for more info on workshops this winter and join our mailing list and twitter feeds for specials, coupons and deals at the shop & online.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lucky 7!

Yes, it is our lucky 7th-7th anniversary that is! We've been around, providing beads and instruction, for SEVEN YEARS! I act like I'm eight years old, so being around for seven years seems impossible. But here we are... First, a HUGE thank you to our loyal and fantastic customers! We wouldn't been here without you, and I cannot thank you all enough for sticking with us through recessions and pewter charm shortages and flooded workshops as well as celebrating crystal deals, Tucson Treasures and UFOs! We are so lucky to be here, sharing our bead love with such amazing, talented and giving individuals-again, thank you! We'll be celebrating throughout the holiday season, check our website and blog as well as our facebook and twitter feeds for information on our in the bag sale, $2. strand specials and treasure hunt coming up in the next few weeks. 7 years, how the time flies!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

new chain just in!

Just got a huge order of chains in the shop-some old favorites like the leaf chain (now in all finishes) and some new, large link chains for extenders and linking projects.
We'll have them all on the website soon, but for now, here's a little teaser!

Sorry for the hiatus

Ok, I have been a bad, bad girl...I have abandoned this blog for far too long!
I promise to be better-weekly updates of what is new in store, coupons and special offers and more, just give me a chance...I may even get around to a background!?!
Please bear with me, more interesting things to come!