Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday deals!

It is that time of year...the time to gather with family and friends and wake up before dawn so you can wait in line in the freezing cold for Black Friday deals. Only they never have enough of what you want, and some jerk tried to cut line and spilled his coffee all down your leg and by the time you make it to the counter to get the fantastic thing that caused all this madness, the unfriendly, untrained clerk tells you that the 2 the store had are gone and they won't be getting more anytime soon so you are just out of luck.

Sound familiar?

Ok, we love getting deals as much as the next guy, but who needs the hassle of 4am doorbusters and flying elbows?!? So, we are doing Black Friday differently...we will be having some pretty amazing deals, don't get me wrong, but we have many, many items on special and I will be amazed if we even come close to running out!
Here's the deal - on Black Friday (otherwise known as the day after Thanksgiving) and on Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday), we will be having a $2. sale. We have pearl, stone and vintage glass strands, stringing wire, tools, accessories, finished jewelry, magazines and a whole bunch of other stuff-JUST $2. each!!!! I know, pretty darn spectacular, huh?

Just buy 10 (or more) of any of the special items and they are just $2. each. I'm guessing its time to stock up...

We'll also have hot cider and cocoa and lots of other store specials-so after you're done wresting some grannie for the last insert must have item here, come by for some real specials that don't run out before you even get in the door! Just our way of saying "thanks". For all you cyber shoppers, we'll also have $2. specials on our artfire site.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Linda said...

Since I have to work on Friday and saturday I love knowing you have an Artfire shop too. Happy Thanksgiving!