Friday, February 26, 2010

beads, beads, beads...and other good stuff!

Wow...and wow again! Tucson was wonderful, exhausting, and beautiful, productive and challenging and pretty much every other adjective I can think of! I am back, and wow, did I get some good things if I do say so myself! We have tons (literally) of new stones, pearls and glass as well as vintage lucite, sterling chain, charms, fibers, displays and so much more...I'm nothing if not a good shopper.

So to celebrate all the good things, we're having our first ever one day sale...3-4-10. On March 4th, come join us for some special buys, 3 strands for $10. Yup, that's 3 for $10 on 3/4/10...clever, I know!

Thanks again for your patience in my absence, and for treating the gang here with kindness...they hate it when I leave them alone, especially when I make them work on inventory when I'm gone, but I have made it up the them...I think I've been forgiven.

See you next Thursday!

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