Saturday, November 21, 2009

Changes coming for the new year

All is a bit early to be thinking about the new year, but some changes have been made to the Washington State retail rules and we wanted to give everyone a heads up (and some time to do something about it).

Washington State has decided that any person or business that wishes to purchase goods for resale must have a resellers certificate. This is in addition to a UBI # that is also required of businesses doing business in Washington. Seem like a bit of overkill (or maybe just bureaucratic red tape)? They have their reasons, but for now here is the link to their information page. The form to apply for a reseller's certificate is here. There is no cost for a resellers permit.

Since we are a retail shop that also sells wholesale to designers and stores, we are required to have a valid resellers certificate and not just a UBI # for any person or business that wants to buy goods for resale (either as components or as part of a finished piece).

Therefore, as of Jan 1, 2010-any business that wishes to buy items tax exempt for resale (either as is or incorporated into other sellable goods) must bring in a copy of their resellers certificate. UBI #s will not be valid after the first of the year.*

*We apologize for the extra hoop, but we promise to have the best beads & supplies in town at the best prices, so that should help a little.

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