Friday, April 18, 2008

back from China & still jetlagged (or maybe just really behind)

Yes, I'm back from China and I won't lie, it was wonderful!!!
This shot is from Tiger Hill and the famous leaning pagoda. Though I've never been to the leaning tower of Piza, I think this would probably give Piza a run for its money. The gardens surrounding the tower are beautiful.
Spring was definitely the time to go to China, everything was blooming and fresh, and remarkably, my allergies were not too bad. I was amazed at how clean everything was (I had heard horror stories) and how well used the public gardens and temples and "touristy sites" were frequented by the chinese folks. Open spaces were full of people practicing Tai-Chi or dancing, and others were gathered in groups playing cards or mah jong, or just enjoying the day by singing, reading or playing with the kids.
I really enjoyed the trip, and Pixie has finally forgiven me for leaving her (again) and not letting her stay in doggie jail in Purdy this time (they were full). More pics of China and the goodies we brought home soon!

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