Saturday, April 6, 2013

recycled silk sari ribbon-now on cards- 3 feet for $2.
Hello spring!  How I've missed you!!!

I've finally landed from a show-packed late winter and it is good to be home for more than a week!  Tucson was amazing in all kinds of crazy & biz-related ways, I had wonderful students in my workshops in San Francisco/Concord, and I have a great line-up of trunk shows and teaching gigs coming up in May.  I am feeling totally overwhelmed, but in an amazing way!  As draining as owning your own business can be, it can be weirdly invigorating-that my be the sleep deprivation talking, but as long as I remember where I'm supposed to be and wear pants, I think I'm doing ok.

We've been having a great time with all the new Tucson and California finds-new gemstones, pearls and pewter, as well as a great find of vintage and antique Venetian seed beads...white hearts, onion skins, opals and more!  New samples every day and we're adding some new workshops both here at the shop and at teaching gigs around the counrty.  Check out our calendar for more info on where we'll be and when.

Thanks for all your patience while I've been away and for keeping Penny, Jen & Kisha company-see you soon!

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