Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday Hump Day

Yup, another Wednesday. A local radio station back in Maine (where I grew up) always called it Hump Day, and I always thought they were being a bit naughty until someone filled me in about it being the middle of the week hump that we needed to get over to start the slide toward the weekend. Huh, guess you can tell where my mind was (actually it was my brother who gave the erroneous info). But it is indeed another hump day and I am finding this particular Wednesday to be quite an uphill slog. You see, I've been working on our website. Yes, fun & games for some, but a bit like a trip to the dentist for me. I just haven't mastered this whole html thing. Here's the problem...when I was in high school computers were just beginning to be used by average folks (and actually, it wasn't average folks because even the little computer we got from TIME cost a bundle and all it did was run baseball). We didn't have computer classes per se, we had glorified typing. Yes, we "wrote programs" but they consisted of pick a number between 1 and 10. RUN. Exciting, I know. Mostly what we did was turn up the sound on our monitors and annoy the teacher with the metallic hum (sorta like teasing the substitute, but I was in high school after all). When I got to college computers were starting to be standard, but again all you got was word processing and Tetris. But I do remember the "internet". Now in those days the internet was a dark screen with writing on, BUT, writing from someone on Spain! My friend Ruey & I would stay up late and practice our Spanish with guys from Spain or Guatemala. The internet was cool, but no interactive websites with real time video feeds and dancing babies. So, I missed the learning curve. By the time I was a year out of school, the internet had exploded and I knew nothing about how it worked, or how to use it, or how the relate at all. Sure I could make a mean spreadsheet and graph (remember cricket?!) but I was lost with all this html language. I took spanish in college to be worldly and able to relate to the growing global-ness of the planet, no one said I needed to learn hypertext markup language. So that's my dilemma. Soon I will have the new site up complete with online e-commerce and all that jazz, but I need a few more days of hair pulling and cussing...I'll keep you posted.

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