Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I went rock hunting this weekend. I actually took 2 days off (well, almost 2 days, I did come back to the shop on Monday am to sort a few things out), and went out to Port Townsend and the Olympic Peninsula to stroll the fantastic beaches and enjoy the weather and scenery before the Hood Canal Bridge closes for a month and change. As you can imagine, the weather was perfect, sunny & warm, clear & most importantly, rain free (I actually got a sunburn and everything!). I enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait until the bridge construction is done so I can run away again. Now this trip did include a bit of "work"...since I was hunting for rocks I use on my found object jewelry technically, I was working the entire time, but I really don't see things that way. I have always been a water person, I love to be in, on or around any type of water. The critters that live in, above and around the water are fascinating; water and water related things have dominated my personal & professional life in one way or another my entire existence (yes, I really wanted to have a Mr. Limpet experience!). So, to make sure we all have some water and nature and critters in our lives for the foreseeable future, please think about your impact on this planet we call home...and think about some changes that will make it a better place for future generations. we have been doing just that, and have made some changes to our policies here at echo artworks that will help us do our part to keep things green & leafy. First-we have changed precious metal vendors. Our new vendor sells only reclaimed and recycled metal, nothing that has been mined or harvested. that means no arsenic, or cyanide being leached into groundwater, and less metal in junk yards and scrap piles. Second-we will be changing how beads and loose findings are sorted for purchase. we will be switching from plastic (albeit recycled) bags to glassine envelopes. glassine has a much lower plastic content, and are biodegradable. Third-we will be asking you to do your part. we have ordered some block print totes (made from recycled off cuts and recycled ink), every time you reuse your bags, we will give you a 5 cent refund and also donate 5 cents to the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy or other non profit organization that protects and educates (suggestions welcome) on a revolving basis. These changes will be progreesing over the next few months. We appreciate your assistance, suggestions and patience. For more ways to make a impact visit http://www.treehugger.com/. Happy Earth Day everyone! PS- as part of my beach combing, I always pick up trash...this weekend, I filled 2 bags. if you want to help, I'll be heading to Hansville tomorrow morning and I love company!

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Catherine said...

Love your new Green policies! And, too bad I'm just reading your post... hope to catch your next trip to Hansville!